MR Height Adjustable Trolley MRI Conditional

MR Height Adjustable Trolley

The Adjustable and MRI Safe Patient Transportation Solution

Imaging Solutions’ new MRI-safe, height adjustable trolley provides transportation to and from the MRI room with easy manoevarability. Constructed from non-ferrous materials, this patient trolley is usable in 1.5 and 3.0 T environments.

The new patient trolley features a fully adjustable height and backrest, as well as patented Trendelenburg tilt technology which makes for quick operation during emergency situations. The trolley is durable, easy to use, and ideal for any hospital.


Optional Accessories

  • IV Pole Mounts (supports up to four mounted IV poles, one each corner, to cater for critical care patients)

  • Oxygen Cylinder Holder
  • Replacement Mattresses
  • Optional Frame Colours Available

Height Adjustable

Easy height adjustment with dual pedal pneumatic operation supporting major MRI vendors.

Trendelenburg Tilt

Imaging Solutions patented Trendelenburg tilt technology for quick operation during emergency situations.

MRI Compatible

Constructed from non-ferrous materials, usable in 1.5 and 3.0 T environments.

Australian Made

Designed and manufactured in Australia offering complete peace of mind. Local expertise and components when you need them.

Adjustable Backrest

Discreet friction lock allows easy adjustment to any angle.

Direction Locking / Central Braking

Improved mobility through innovative directional locking. Enhanced safety with full castor locking with a single motion.

Side Rails

Unobtrusive side rail design disappears when not required allowing you to get closer to the bed or navigate those tight corridors.

TENTE® Mobility

Using medical-grade castors from market leader TENTE. Featuring non-marking tread and precision ball bearings, you can be assured of superior mobility performance.

Corner Buffering Protection

Protect your trolley and your facility from unintended collisions with soft plastic corner caps.

AEGIS® Mattress

Our mattresses are manufactured using premium grade sterilised foam and coated with our AEGIS medical grade fabric allowing for sterilisation, durability and patient comfort.

Durable Finish

Sandblasted and powder coated finish ensuring your trolley stays newer for longer.

Included Warranty

Unbeatable five year structural warranty on all parts and expert workmanship will provide you peace of mind for years to come. 

Unique Design

Simple, innovative and efficient design with fewer potential points of failure.

Additional Information

Product Category MRI Equipment and Accessories » Patient Transportation
Overall Dimensions 2042 x 747 mm (w/ side rails up) 2042 x 657 mm (w/ side rails down)
Patient Surface 1800 x 550 mm (backrest 740 mm)
Height Range 530 to 900 mm (without mattress)
Weight Capacity 250 kg
MR Compatibility Up to 7.0 T
Side Rail Height 135 mm (above mattress)
Trendelenburg Tilt 15 degrees
Mattress Thickness 50 mm
Supplier Partner Imaging Solutions

Product Code/s

Description Code List Price Qty.
MR Height Adjustable Trolley IS1-HT1-58122 RFQ Only
MR Fixed Height Trolley IS1-HT1-58123 RFQ Only
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