HealthStore™ Independent Clinical Archive

The Next Generation VNA

BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ offers a single software environment where hospitals can store and protect all of the clinical and non-clinical data across the healthcare enterprise and make it available, through sharing, to those that need it, when they need it.

As today’s healthcare industry increasingly transitions to meet the legislative and accessibility needs of an exploding wealth of data (including a massive upsurge in medical images) patient care services, operations and IT must find new ways of improving information availability and transparency.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore™ is at the forefront of what is now termed ‘beyond the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)’, sometimes referred to as ‘a next generation VNA’, or what analyst firm IDC has described as an ‘Application Independent Clinical Archive (AICA)’. HealthStore provides a single, easily-accessible and standards-based repository for all healthcare data, making it available across hospital departments to those that need it, when they need it, at the point of care.

Where today radiology, cardiology and other clinical departments are using VNAs to assist in the management and storage of images and unstructured data, HealthStore will extend that functionality across the healthcare enterprise – whether within a hospital, medical facility or across organisations – enabling a true, patient-centric system and providing an essential source of information for a holistic, single patient record.


Why Is HealthStore Important?


Healthcare policy is driving the requirement for a unified patient record. Providing clinicians with a holistic view of the patient at the point of care enables better decision making and clinical outcomes as well as improving the overall patient experience. BridgeHead’s HealthStore is an enabling technology to help hospitals achieve this goal.

In summary, with BridgeHead’s HealthStore, hospitals can:

Enhance The EPR

Allowing easier access to a wide range of content from one location using a single search interface. This is especially useful where hospitals are trying to improve their EPR applications or implement portals that provide access to a more complete patient record.

Improve Data Quality

By establishing a ‘clean’ data environment that enforces standards, the quality of data is taken to the next level End Migration Nightmares As applications are upgraded or ‘swapped-out’, the physical data remains in the repository. The meta-data in the archive ensures that the objects can be made available to the new application or portal with minimal disruption.

End Migration Nightmares

As applications are upgraded or ‘swapped-out’, the physical data remains in the repository. The meta-data in the archive ensures that the objects can be made available to the new application or portal with minimal disruption.

Optimise Backup

HealthStore has an inbuilt self-protection capability to ensure all ingested data is properly safeguarded and quickly recoverable in the case of loss, corruption, outages or disasters. This data can, therefore, be removed from the standard backup cycle thereby optimising existing Disaster Recovery strategy.

Retire Applications

Provides a searchable, intelligent and secure store for content from legacy applications that are being retired or taken permanently offline, fulfilling compliance and governance commitments.

Storage Consolidation

Solves the fragmented approach to purchasing storage hardware as HealthStore manages all tiers of storage, as well as full Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), needed to create a cost effective archive for a hospital’s clinical and non-clinical data.

Power Analytics

Removes the burden of analytics and secondary use (e.g. research) from primary applications; with more data types being securely available through one interface, analytics and big data are more efficiently achieved and managed.


Technical Overview


BridgeHead’s HealthStore is a single repository that stores, protects and shares healthcare data, making it accessible across departments and organisations. It is a modular solution built on top of BridgeHead’s Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Platform that enables hospitals to standardise the access to patient records while not being dependent on any one departmental system.


Functional Specification


  • BridgeHead’s HealthStore depends on Windows 2012 and above and Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Supports DICOM, XDS, HL7 (demographic updates), HL7 MDM (documents), XDS.b (XDS.i.b) as well as ingesting content from file systems
  • Supports wide range of storage and media, including NAS, SAN, DAS, CAS, cloud, tape and optical



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