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Exodus PACS Migration

Exodus PACS Migration

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Powerful, full-featured, highly configurable software solution for DICOM data migration. For an intuitive software solution for automating any DICOM migration with a focus on flexibility and a simple user experience, choose Exodus.

Exodus™ is a highly configurable, intuitive software solution that provides automated facilities and services that enable DICOM data migration including DICOM PACS migration and the migration of DICOM studies, series and SOP instance data from one DICOM 3.0 compatible physical archive to another. Exodus supervises and schedules the transfer, plus provides validation to ensure that a data migration is complete and accurate. Migration history is logged and performance statistics are gathered. Various levels of reports are provided to summarize the status and progress of a DICOM data migration.

Many legacy archives have specific quirks that can present challenges for data migration tools during a migration including performance related issues, noncompliance, proprietary-specific issue, inconsistent data, and more. Built using the Laurel Bridge DICOM Connectivity Framework (DCF) DICOM Toolkit, Exodus provides a variety of options to allow you to tweak behaviour to automate the process of collecting all the information you need from your legacy archive. This information can be used to assess exactly what you have and what you need to move with the help of our built-in validation system that determines exactly what has already been moved and what hasn’t. Once you’re under way this system can ensure that moved exams are available for use in their entirety on the new archive automatically.

From start to finish, the goal of Exodus is to provide a complete and transparent view of the process with options to control the migration exactly how you want in a simple, high-level way.

Every DICOM migration presents unique challenges and Exodus offers a flexible approach to defining and processing a migration. Each operation is highly configurable to allow for custom queries, moves, and validations to ensure that you have full knowledge and control of the migration process at every step. Detailed information about the size and quality of your source data as well as the current state of the migration can all be obtained from a single easy-to-use view. Every exam is moved how and when you define and verified automatically.

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