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The all-in-one solution for routing, filtering, monitoring and conversion of DICOM data sets.

Switchboard™ provides the ability to transparently monitor, log, filter, and convert DICOM data sets during DICOM network communications, serving as a multipurpose DICOM bridge. Designed primarily for network or PACS administrators, developers, field service engineers, migration specialists or anyone responsible for integrating DICOM devices, it facilitates interconnection of otherwise incompatible DICOM devices and rule based correction of data set elements in real-time.

The user configures two DICOM network devices to communicate through Switchboard, which acts as an intermediate node: inspecting, forwarding, and optionally filtering and logging DICOM PDUs sent by each DICOM Application Entity. The user may configure, monitor or control the application via any web browser that has network access to the device running Switchboard.

Normally provided for installation on Windows, Switchboard can also be supplied for a variety of popular platforms.


  • Selectivity - Filter transactions of interest without worrying about other network traffic or other DICOM device communication.
  • Flexibility - Performs optional, configurable filtering operations on actual messages, requires no secondary operations.
  • Control - Dynamic control of the logging verbosity allows selective monitoring at an appropriate level of detail.
  • Low Cost - No special equipment is required, the software installs and runs on your own hardware.
  • Portability - Switchboard typically runs on Windows systems, but is also available for Linux systems.
  • Ease of use - Convenient web-based GUI allows filtering to be defined and performed without coding custom software.
  • Convenient - User may access the control interfaces from any system with web access to the Switchboard device.


  • Configurable Filters - Provides for configurable filters that may alter selected DICOM message elements in real-time enabling Switchboard to detect and optionally modify or “fix” selected DIMSE messages.
  • Mapping Rules - Device mapping rules route DICOM Messages and select filter sets to apply based on source host and/or AE Title.
  • Tag Modification - DICOM elements may be added to, deleted from, or modified in the data sets as they pass through. Regular expression matching filters may be used to select and alter data set elements in complex ways.
  • Modification Tracking - Optionally stores a record of data set modifications in the DICOM Original Attributes Sequence and/or the Contributing Equipment Sequence.
  • Modification Look-up - Provides an option to look up modifications to apply from a text-based list.
  • Alter Transfer Syntax - Provides the ability to alter the transfer syntax encoding when required to provide capabilities not supported by one host; for instance, Switchboard may be used to convert a data set from Explicit Little Endian to JPEG-lossless compression.
  • Portable and Robust - May run on the same or a different computer as the source or destination hosts. It is immune to packet dropping since it actively participates in the DICOM association.
  • Remote Monitoring - Provides local or remote GUIs for web-based control and monitoring of Switchboard.
  • PDU Repackaging - Provides the ability to re-package PDUs into different sizes if required.
  • Association Logging - Provides monitoring/logging of DICOM associations. Log verbosity is dynamically configurable during an association to show various levels of DICOM information: association setup, ACSE PDUs, DIMSE reads/writes, PDU contents summary or a full hexadecimal byte dump - and TCP/IP transactions.
  • Selective Logging - only monitors the connection of interest, not all network traffic, eliminating much extraneous data.
  • Dual mode operation - Transparent PDU forwarding vs. PDU Filtering Mode, both with logging capability.
  • Real-time Status - A real-time status monitor and log console provide dynamic display of active associations and related network activity.

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