MRI Equipment and Accessories

Quality and innovative products as well as associated accessories specifically designed to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s modern MR environments.

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Breast Solutions

From diagnostic imaging, to advanced image processing, to biopsy guidance, Imaging Solutions has a solution fit for you. It all starts with quality images and, to that end, Imaging Solutions offers an extensive lineup of breast imaging coils with a variety of OEM models and channel count configurations. Review and processing of cases on Invivo's DynaCAD for Breast system offers a means of organising diagnostic images for quick study review. The DynaCAD software is also outfitted with interventional planning capability for computer-guided localization of targets.

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Prostate Solutions

Advances in multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate now enhance the ability to visualise and evaluate clinically significant prostate lesions. Imaging Solutions brings Radiology and Urology together like never before, with complete clinical solutions designed to help visualise, assess, target, and track specific suspicious areas in the prostate. With roots based in MRI imaging, Imaging Solutions believes that better images mean better results. From image acquisition and review with our Sentinelle endo-rectal coil and DynaCAD Prostate, to an MRI/ultrasound guided biopsy with UroNav, Imaging Solutions delivers a comprehensive prostate solution across the continuum of care.

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Patient Monitoring

Healthcare is changing. You’re asking more of your MR staff – because you have to – and now you can ask more of your MR patient monitoring too. With MRI-compatible patient monitoring from Invivo, you can now elevate your monitoring capabilities from MR-level to bedside-level, and make it easier to connect with your hospital IT systems.

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Orthopedic Magnetic Resonance Coils

We've got you covered from head to toe. Imaging Solutions' comprehensive lineup of imaging coils covers a wide array of imaging applications across a variety of MR platforms. New designs embrace increases in element count, field strength, and new imaging applications. Our products are engineered to fit the needs of clinicians and increase the diagnostic value for patients.

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Infusion Pumps

The value of Non–Magnetic patient care products may not be readily apparent until an adverse event occurs. Imaging Solutions is Australia's distributor for IRadimed, the world's first and only provider of Non–Magnetic (< 10k Gauss) IV infusion pumps designed specifically for MRI use. Infusing IV medications at the MRI bore can improve patient safety, staff safety and the patient MRI care cycle. Infusing critical patient medications, anesthetics and fluids at the MRI bore with the MRidium™ eliminates projectile risks and introduces the same patient bedside practices to the MRI that are common throughout the rest of the hospital.

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MRI Safety

MRI is an incredibly innovative technology but possesses an inherent risk to patients and staff if not treated as the potentially dangerous environment that it is. Imaging Solutions offers a range of safety products and accessories for use in the MRI suite, including ferromagnetic detection, hearing protection, fire extinguishers, safety signs and more.

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Modular Aluminium RF MRI Cages

High strength, low weight aluminium extrusions and sheets make our RF cages ideally suited to minimise the loading weight of the room while the structure remains rigid, robust, and completely self-supporting. The mechanical pressure fit joints ensures the cage easily exceeds the minimum required attenuation levels of all leading equipment manufacturers. The RF attenuation performance integrity is key to ensuring optimum diagnostic image quality. The construction process allows for easy introduction of additional wave guides and alterations when the equipment is upgraded.

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Neonatal Incubator System

The MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag® IC conditional incubator provides a stable climate with bactericidal humidification as required by newborn and premature babies weighing up to approx. 4.500g (10 lbs) and a max. body length of approx. 55 cm. Thanks to its construction, it supports safe handling and operation during the MRI and intra-hospital transport.

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Neurological Solutions

Advances in MRI technology and analysis are revolutionising the way neuroradiologists interpret MRI studies. Imaging Solutions and Invivo are leading the way with advanced neuro analysis designed to optimise your radiology workflow while never losing focus on the patient experience. DynaSuite Neuro provides analysis of MRI studies, allowing clinicians to combine anatomical images and results, such as DTI or perfusion color maps, fiber tracks, and fMRI activations in a single 2D and 3D display. SensaVue fMRI carries neuro analysis further to deliver clinically-validated experiment paradigms while also serving as a patient entertainment system, providing a variety of media entertainment options for patients during routine clinical MRI exams.

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