Patient Monitoring

Healthcare is changing. You’re asking more of your MR staff – because you have to – and now you can ask more of your MR patient monitoring too. With MRI-compatible patient monitoring from Invivo, you can now elevate your monitoring capabilities from MR-level to bedside-level, and make it easier to connect with your hospital IT systems.

Invivo Expression MR400 MR Patient Monitor

In a perfect world there would be no difference between MR and bedside patient monitors. Expression MR400 takes a bold step toward that ideal with bedside-quality parameters – SINC (SpO2, IBP, NIBP, and CO2), alarm flags that redefine pre-emptive intelligence, 15” LED widescreen viewing with the familiarity of a bedside interface, and an exclusive combination of ECG advances from the patient to the waveform.

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Invivo Expression MR200 MR Patient Monitor

Expression MR200 is designed with the strong reputation for quality, innovation and leadership of Invivo MRI patient monitoring. As an entry level Expression monitor, customers can have the best of both worlds: Quality and Affordability.

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Invivo Expression IP5 Information Portal

Connecting Expression MR patient monitoring with your hospital IT system is now easier than ever. The Expression IP5 information portal is your most convenient way to take your MR patient monitoring from the suite level across your enterprise. Connect with Convenience.

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Invivo Essential Patient Monitor

During MRI sedation studies, providing quality care for your patients throughout the entire process is vital. Easily deliver an improved level of care that moves with your patient from sedation to imaging suite and into recovery with the very portable Invivo Essential SpO2 monitor.

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Nonin Pulse Oximeter (MRI)

Our 7500FO (fiber optic) tabletop pulse oximeter was specifically developed for use in fixed-site or mobile MR facilities for monitoring infant, pediatric and adult patients. With simple toe or finger wrap sensor application, the 7500FO's compact design, simple functionality, minimum 30-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge and minimum 70 hours of memory makes it well suited for MR applications.

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