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The DICOM Connectivity Framework SDK

The DICOM® Connectivity Framework (DCF) is an advanced, object-oriented collection of native software components implementing the DICOM v3.0 protocol for medical imaging systems. It includes a wide range of tools and utilities that support DICOM software development and testing.


Create powerful DICOM software applications rapidly and affordably

  • Advanced, object-oriented, component-based architecture implemented in managed code
  • Pluggable common services, such as logging and configuration management
  • Multi-threaded implementation
  • Component-based logging, debugging, and configuration

How can DCF make life easier for your developers?

  • Example DICOM client and server programs for all major SOP classes
  • Component-based framework facilitates rapid application development
  • Multi-language support: C# .Net, Java, or C++
  • Multi-platform support: Windows, Linux or other Unix platform
  • Built-in DICOM compression support, optional integration with Accusoft, Aware & other high performance JPEG compression libraries
  • Multiple integration models
  • Automatic generation of makefiles, Visual Studio project files, configuration files, and docs
  • Online API and application documentation
  • Automatically generated debug and trace instrumentation
  • Web-based service, diagnostic, and configuration interfaces with real-time access and updates
  • IOD object generation technology – Java, C++, or C# wrappers for DICOM IODs are auto-generated
  • And much more…

Specialized Domains

Developing an application to support Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)? Need to create a DICONDE or DICOS solution? Looking for rock-solid software design, API and SDK support for a veterinary, dental, mammography or clinical research application? The DCF has you covered, with support for a wide variety of specialized domains including NDT, DICONDE, DICOS, veterinary, dental, digital mammography and clinical research customizations that require DICOM.

See for more information on Solutions.

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