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Navigator ensures historical medical imaging studies and reports are available for comparison and context, to enhance the diagnostic process. Navigator automates and prioritizes their retrieval, based upon user defined criteria, even if the information resides on disparate clinical and enterprise imaging archives or VNA systems. Retrieval of this information can also be made part of an archive migration-on-demand program intended to consolidate DICOM and non-DICOM imaging information on a VNA or other centralized archive system.


Enterprise Imaging Capabilities

As the need to access historical medical information increases across the healthcare enterprise, we strive to help our customers meet their evolving enterprise imaging needs. Our capabilities enable healthcare providers to easily implement and manage a scalable workflow layer that enhances interoperability between multiple PACS, VNA, and clinical IT environments. By leveraging the workflow capabilities of our full product line, merged and acquired organizations can more easily solve their unique integration challenges.


Navigator enables requests for historical imaging studies to be prioritized to support the demands of unscheduled ED, Stroke, and Trauma imaging as well as long lead-time, pre-scheduled imaging studies, such as breast, lung, and oncology follow-up. Navigator enables the ability to:

  • Concurrently retrieve historical clinical reports or other files along with the associated DICOM imaging studies. 
  • Schedule prefetching when no RIS or other ordering or scheduling system is available. 
  • Support complex imaging scenarios when a patient might have multiple exams scheduled for the same day. 
  • Simplify workflow and system activity monitoring across facilities.

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