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Quality that's easy to see, simple to use.

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When quality patient care

is simply essential.

During MRI sedation studies, providing quality care for your patients throughout the entire process is vital. Easily deliver an improved level of care that moves with your patient from sedation to imaging suite and into recovery with the very portable Invivo Essential SpO2 monitor.

Essential helps you create a more satisfying patient experience, introduces new opportunities in patient monitoring, and makes better use of your human and financial resources

Safer. Smarter. Smaller

Exceptional clinical performance requires industryleading SpO2 technology. Essential delivers. Either as a standalone monitor in basic clinical situations or combined with multi-parameter systems for more complex sedation studies, Essential is designed to provide the monitoring accuracy and stability you need for every patient type, from neonatal to obese adults. Light-weight and easy to transport, with a unique wireless design, Essential features digital technology for exceptional performance on SpO2 values, low and high perfusion and motion. Artifact suppression also helps enhance study quality. And with its unrestricted gauss rating, Essential can be used virtually anywhere.

Essential is precisely what you need from sedation induction through to recovery – which is exactly what you’d expect from Invivo

The value of a deeper understanding

Invivo a division of Philips Healthcare is the worldwide leader in MRI patient gating and monitoring solutions, with a distinguished history that now includes an environmentally conscious “green” classification.

Creating systems to help monitor patients during the entire sedation process, Invivo MRI has been there for you for over twenty years. When quality patient care is simply essential, simply choose Invivo

Quality that's easy to see

and simple to use

Simplicity is the shortest path to department efficiency.

Essential makes transporting patients from preparation to exam and through recovery without monitoring lapses fast and easy. The compact wireless monitor with its easy-to-use, brilliant color touch screen display can be mounted on an IV stand, bed rail or a roll stand, or carried in its specially designed case.

Invivo monitoring systems are designed to anticipate your needs, delivering information accurately, conveniently, intuitively. And Invivo wireless monitoring means better patient comfort, safety and seamless continuity from start to finish.

An MRI Exam

shouldn't be a high-wire act

When monitoring revolves around the patient, complex sedation studies are simplified. By easily integrating Essential and Expression monitors into one multi-parameter solution, you work smarter, not harder.

With one connection to the patient, Invivo’s wireless technology makes it easy to monitor and move a patient from induction to imaging and to recovery without the constraints found during conventional monitoring processes.

With a single wireless module, Essential enables you to track vital signs continuously throughout the entire sedation process, and also synchronize with the MRI system for easy peripheral gating.

More satisfied patients.

Put patients at ease with a faster exam, free of wires and the discomfort of repeated sensor attachments

Uninterrupted monitoring.

Reduce the risks associated with unmonitored, sedated patients and relieve the time pressure on your staff caused by attaching different sets of sensors during the exam process.

Better resource management.

Increase staff efficiency by enabling more time for patient interaction. And discover more ways to meet your business objectives by making more efficient use of your equipment.

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