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Expression MR200

MR Patient Monitor

Make your first step the right step through a unique blend of affordability and bedside-level quality.

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Take the

smart path

New referrals can help you thrive even in the face of today’s challenging healthcare economics. Expanding into procedures that require patient monitoring can be a natural step.

Choose wisely from the start, with Philips and Expression MR200* for bedside-level quality with the affordability that makes it practical to move in this new direction.

Increase your clinical value to referring physicians while empowering your staff to create the positive patient experiences required for sustainable success. Choose Philips, and you partner with the company with more than 25 years of bringing meaningful innovation to MR monitoring.

The smart path starts with growing referrals by conducting procedures that require patient monitoring.

Make your first step the right step with Expression MR200.

Your reputation

depends on quality results

Every patient deserves the best quality you can provide.

Expression MR200 provides the kind of bedside-quality parameters and design previously found only in monitors designed and priced for higher-acuity applications.

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Wireless ECG Specifically designed for the unique demands of the MR suite, Expression wireless ECG offers exclusive and comprehensive Philips ECG advances for the consistent results essential to quality care for cardiac patients.
o2Icon Your single source supplier of medical equipment and healthcare products.
Wireless SpO2 monitoring provides precise values for saturation and fast acquisition, even for pediatric patients, to overcome many issues associated with traditional pulse oximetry such as low perfusion, patient movement, or intense ambient light.
timerIcon Your single source supplier of medical equipment and healthcare products.
Acquire consistent readings from neonates to very large adults through a range of NIBP cuff sizes and with readings based on oscillometric measurement.
co2Icon Your single source supplier of medical equipment and healthcare products.
CO2 and respiration (optional) Advanced sidestream capnography provides excellent CO2 and respiration quality for patients with respiratory concerns or those undergoing sedation.


builds confidence

Efficiency with ease.

When your staff have equipment that’s easy to work with, they have the confidence to focus on your patients’ experience. Expression experience-driven design keeps you steps ahead in the MR suite by starting with an uncommon understanding of how people interact with technology and with each other.

Wireless connectivity, including cardiac gating, unleashes productivity by reducing cable clutter while keeping you connected to your patient and to hospital IT systems.

Expression trend arrows that display data in meaningful ways give you valuable context for decision-making before, during, and after the exam.
Philips designers and engineers look for every opportunity to create a fulfilling user experience with visual data elements that are bold, easily identifiable and simple.

Features like automated Gauss alarming mean one less thing to worry about by prompting staff to maintain distance between the monitor and magnet.
ExpressionExperienceGraph Your single source supplier of medical equipment and healthcare products.
ConnectionGraph Your single source supplier of medical equipment and healthcare products.


with convenience

Share your results with ease.

With Philips, all patient vitals monitored during the MR exam are sent to your hospital information and record-keeping systems to help your institution’s IT strategy succeed, and for exceptional care and management throughout the MR imaging experience.

Blending the exceptional expertise of Philips in both IT nd monitoring, Expression MR200 offers easy IT network interoperability via the Expression Information Portal.


  • 12.1" (30.7 cm) Integral color LCD
MR compatibility
  • 1,500 Gauss
  • 4W/Kg SAR
  • 3T
  • Wireless ECG
  • Wireless SpO2
  • NIBP
  • CO2
Featured Parameters
  • Wireless ECG 2.0
  • Bedside type parameters
  • Alarm flags
  • Advanced alarm
  • Gauss detection

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