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fMRI in-room video and audio

SensaVue presents a sensory experience to your patients during routine and functional MRI exams. Based on technology previously used for research, Invivo has developed this comprehensive, easy-to-use visual and auditory option for clinical use.

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in-room video

and audio

SensaVue sends visual and auditory signals from a variety of media sources to a high-resolution 32” display, which is mounted on a movable cart with a swinging arm and can be positioned virtually anywhere in the MRI suite.

SensaVue is available in two system confi gurations: SensaVue fMRI and SensaVue HD. SensaVue fMRI features clinically-validated experiment paradigms that may be directly triggered by most leading MRI manufactures’ systems, up to 3.0 Tesla. The paradigm suite includes a battery of clinical fMRI tasks that provide proven activation of the motor, visual, auditory and language regions of the brain. SensaVue HD is a presentation-only system that includes the necessary control room and in-magnet display to provide media entertainment options for patients during routine clinical MRI exams.



Invivo’s SensaVue fMRI and SensaVue HD enhances the patient experience while keeping your clinical needs in mind. The patient display cart features a 32”, HD resolution display and nearly infi nite color composition. With SensaVue’s comprehensive magnetic and RF shielding, the display swing arm allows for versatile display options, including against the magnet bore in fi eld strengths up to 3.0 Tesla. The arm articulates up to 42” horizontally and 12” vertically.

Interference-free communication between the technologist and the patient comes easily with SensaVue’s pneumatic headphones with integrated microphone. Prism glasses are included with purchase to further enhance viewing capabilities. An optional rear-facing mirror (sold separately) for use with head coils such as the Invivo 8 channel high-res head (sold separately) are also available

Additionally, SensaVue fMRI includes button response units to allow real-time monitoring and recording of the patient’s button responses in the magnet bore



SensaVue HD includes the necessary control and magnet room equipment to provide a variety of media entertainment options for patients during routine clinical MRI exams. Patients may choose from music, pictures or videos stored in the SensaVue HD library, or bring their favorite media to play through the system DVD player. SensaVue HD features are included with the SensaVue fMRI version.

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