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Made to fit over prescription eyewear, 90 Leaded Fitovers are the perfect fit for those needing splash protection from radiation. The large side shields protect the wearer from lateral exposure in addition to removing the 'tunnel' effects of look-alikes. The 90 Fitovers...

The new 42 Fitover like the 89 and 90 leaded Fitovers, is made to wear over prescription eyewear. The 42 Fitover features a smaller vertical dimension than other fitover styles as well as 0.5mm Pb lead sheeting for side shields, thus decreasing the weight by approx. 20%. The...

Phillips Model RG-33 fitover radiation protective glasses offer a comfortable, lightweight, and durable design that fits over prescription eyewear. The frame is constructed of our durable TR-90 nylon and offers .50mm Pb lateral protection. This product offers our standard...

JP Yamba fit-over radiation protective glasses are a comfortable, lightweight and durable design that fits over prescription eyewear. The frame is built from lightweight Nylon that is resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and offers .50mm Pb lateral protection....


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