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The Oakley Carbon Plate eyewear are light-weight titanium and carbon fiber built with style. The rectangular lens orbitals of the glasses matches the straight surfaces for a look of absolute sophisatication. Product Information Prescription: Plano, Single Vision...

Rectangular lenses and smooth lines give Oakley's Airdrop™ lead glasses a pure, genuine look that brings clean styling to any occasion. The fit is just as versatile with four available sizes so you can get a frame that feels made for you. Our dark crystal theme adds color...

The Oakley Trillbe™ Eyewear is the latest modern design. The Trillbe™ presents full coverage of the most recent Shield Lens and the inventive silhouette includes the sleek styling of the sculptured stems. These glasses is available in Matte Gray Ink. Product...

The thin frame of stainless-steel Tin Cup™ mixes hints of sculpture with the Hollowpoint™ hinges that has taken inspiration from hubless motorcycle wheels. The Oakley TinCup glasses is available in Powder Cole colour. Product Information Prescription: No ...

Oakley Frames

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