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Ultrasound QA Phantoms are designed for assessment and calibration of ultrasound probes and other devices. KYOTO KAGAKU original unique phantom material is stable and long-life and shows excellent homogeneous granular background reflection. N-365 Multipurpose Phantom Useful...

Ensure highly images to enable reliable breast cancer examinations. Recommended by Japan Association of Breast and Thyroid Sonology. Ultrasound QA phantom for high precision imaging in the high frequency sonography around 10MHz required in breast examination. For...

The best tool to teach Graf's method. Hip sonography in newborns and infants can promote early detection and timely treatment of developmental dysplasia (DDH) and correct diagnosis saves patients from possible trouble and operation in the future. This is the world's...

From basic screening knowledge to hands-on training in clinical procedures. The ultrasound Examination Training Phantom "ECHOZY" is an upper abdomen organs model with approximate-to-human echogenicities. The model does not include pathology, and state-of-the-art...

Unique high-fidelity ultrasound phantom facilitates effective training in abdominal ultrasound scanning with your own clinical devices. Simulated lesions embedded as targets provide wider educational opportunities. Inanimate tool for training of a novice or...

Three interchangeable inserts to cover basic gyn and obs ultrasound The pelvic phantom is unique in that it allows for transabdominal and transvaginal scanning. Though transvaginal scanning is the gold standard for gyn and 1st trimester pregnancy, it is still important...

The world’s first full body phantom for neonatal radiography Newborn Whole Body Phantom is the world's first full body phantom for neonatal radiography with correct anatomical structure and movable limbs. Neonatal radiography is an important tool in NICU...

The New Kyoto Kagaku Pediatric Whole Body Phantom modeled after a 4-year-old child of 42"(105cm) tall. This phantom is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in...

Chest X-ray is one of the most common examinations in pediatric radiography. Advanced skills are needed to obtain high quality images with minimum exposure. This Pediatric Chest Phantom is designed to find out optimal parameter and protocols to minimize radiation exposure...

The Fission-Product Phantom is partially modelled after the Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom. It was developed by RSD to meet the needs of nuclear power stations and other facilities where more organs are needed than provided by the Lawrence Livermore Realistic...

Sectional Phantoms allow for imaging of indivisual anatomy as needed. Sectional Phantoms allow for imaging of indivisual anatomy as needed. Opaque: Visible bones help beginners to learn correct position in plain X-ray imaging. Transparent:For practice in...

The Head The Head Phantom is based upon a standard RSD head with a calvarial cut to insert or remove the brain shell easily. The nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses are filled with foam with a mass density of 0.23 g/cc. Brain Shell The brain shell has five...

The Alderson Radiation Therapy phantom (ART) and its earlier version, the Alderson RANDO phantom, have been in use for over 30 years. The ART has been refined and improved in both design and materials. These phantoms are indispensable quality-assurance tools; about 10,000...

Alderson Fission-Product and Thyroid Phantoms The Lawrence Livermore Realistic Phantom was developed under the direction of the U.S Department of Energy, primarily as a reference standard for the in-vivo counting of emissions from low-energy transuranic...

CT Head with 5 slices to test all parameters of computerized tomography. Anthropomorphic Molded around skull Checks important physical parameters Provides realistic system check Ideal for training Polycarbonate base dimensioned for...

An Innovative Study Tool for Safe and Effective CT Colon Screening Virtual Colonoscopy with CT colonography is an invasive and demanding examination for patients and people who undergo screening for polyps. CT Colonography Phantom NCCS provides ideal tools to evaluate...

The ACS head phantom is designed for image evaluation in CT angiography scanning and can be used as an educational tool for medical image interpretation. The head phantom includes a synthetic skull, cervical vertebrae (C1-C7), brain and arteries, along with arteries with...

A One-piece anthropomorphic torso phantom with anatomical structures allows various CT approaches including helical scanning. Along with state-of-the-art synthetic bones, brain with cerebral ventricles, eye balls, lungs with three-dimensional pulmonary vessels, trachea, liver...

This unique anthropomorphic upper abdomen phantom allows obtaining CT images approximate to clinical data. The elaborate anatomy of organs allows a multi-dimensional approach. Liver, portal vein, bile duct, hepatic vein, hepatic artery, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and IVC are...

LSCT001 is a CT phantom developed to facilitate optimizing the radiation dose and other scanning conditions for Lung Cancer Screening CT examination with Helical CT or MDCT, which is aiming at early detection of lung cancers. As the screening is usually done on healthy...

This phantom has been developed to provide simulated training in FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma) ; an ultrasound examination directed at identifying the presence of free intraperitoneal or pericardial fluid in the traumatic patients, which allows detecting...

Innovative phantom simulating abdominal open intraoperative and laparoscopic ultrasound Features: Inanimate tool for training of a novice to demonstration by an expert. Detailed hepatobiliary, pancreatic and other abdominal anatomy meeting...

A unique phantom for training in basic breast ultrasound examination. Simulated targets with different echogenicities are embedded in the phantom mammary gland. The subcutaneous adipose, the mammary gland, the galactophonre, Cooper's ligament, the retromammary adipose, the...

This world-first pediatric ultrasound torso phantom provides oppotunities of hands-on training in ultrasound examination of young patients. Training items: FAST Procedures: Internal hemorrhage at perihepatic, perisplenic, pelvis and pericardium area ...

Pocket-sized ultrasound is becoming popular and start to be utilized in adult day care to check intravesical urine volume instead of catheterization which may cause urinary infection. Training items: Handling and manipulation of transducers on bladder...

2 variations of phantoms for training of neonatal head ultrasound US-14a - Normal Accurate cerebral anatomy Accurate depiction of anatomy facilitates a realistic user experience with its life-like soft touch. US-14b - Abnormal Hydrocephalus With...

SPHERICAL PHANTOM to Check Mechanical and Dosimetric Parameters of Treatment Units Homogenous dry water phantom with precise spherical shape - 16 cm diameter Displacement of maximum dose from center of sphere shows degree of accuracy and stability of the system ...

The Anthropomorphic Training/Teaching Phantom An anatomically and radiologically correct female Small size and low weight simplify positioning Can be positioned for most views Permits evaluation of student performance Organs accept contrast media Opaque or...

Anthropomorphic Training Phantom Disassembles into Nine Parts TAKE-APART PIXY’s small size and low weight simplifies positioning, as it can be positioned for most views. Models with organs accept contrast media. PIXY can be purchased as: Opaque or...

The soft tissue materials in the breathing phantom are elasticized versions of the same materials refined for the ART phantom. Rigid bones are incorporated and move under the respiring motion in the phantom. The elastic lungs have realistic respiratory density. The...

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