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Apparel and Glove Care and Storage Recommendations

RadSafe aprons and apparel are available in a variety of standard fits as well as custom sizes manufactured to your specifications. Care should be taken to ensure you are wearing the proper size and that all critical areas are covered fully.

All radiation protection aprons and gloves should be regularly checked and monitored for substrate integrity. Imaging Solutions recommends a minimum of one inspection annually. A great way to track and manage this process is to use our RadTrack solution described in the previous section.

Any protective apron or glove that shows holes, tears or radiation leakage must be taken out of service immediately and either repaired or destroyed.

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Aprons should always be properly hung on a rack or hanger specifically designed for protective apron storage. Never fold, crease or stack an apron. Avoid sharp objects. Core material is fragile and once punctured renders an apron unusable.

Gloves, due to the nature of the mold, can be stored in almost any manner without causing damage. Care should be taken to avoid sharp objects as through and through punctures will allow radiation to pass to the wearer.

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Use only warm water and a mild detergent or our specially formulated RadFresh® 'Apron Refresher' cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals and never use commercial or machine washing or drying on aprons. Glove liners can be removed and hand washed, then hung up until dry. Replacement liners are also available at a nominal charge.


NEVER use a steam autoclave as the heat will cause severe damage to the protective substrate. Aprons and gloves can be ETO gas sterilized or disinfected with RadFresh® ‘Apron Refresher’ to assist with infection control by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.

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