Aftermarket Service & Support

Why Choose Imaging Solutions

When things go wrong in today's increasingly complicated and technology-dependent world rely on Imaging Solutions' technical expertise and Service Level Agreements (SLA) to keep you up and running.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing our technicians are factory trained in the usage, care and maintenance of our products allowing them to offer you fast, knowledgeable and reliable service support, whenever and wherever you need it.

Holistic Support Through a Service Philosophy Built on 9 Key Values

Imaging Solutions has developed a service and support philosophy built on 9 key customer values, thus ensuring you can rest assured that your equipment will maintain the maximum level of uptime possible.

1. Tomorrow's Business Starts with Today's Service Response

In an effort to ensure consistently outstanding service, we regularly review response times, resolution times and job details in order to optimise our future service capability. We strive to make each service response better then the previous.

2. Speed of Response

We pride ourselves on delivering industry benchmark levels of response times to customer enquiries and support request. Simply put, our responses to customers are, without exception, professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, delivered in a timely manner.

3.Leading Brands Deserve Superior Aftermarket Service

Imaging Solutions distributes world market leading brands. As such, it is our responsibility to provide superior aftermarket service and support for these superior quality brands. Market leading products deserve market leading service!

4. Factory Trained Technicians

Imaging Solutions' service technicians are factory trained by our supplier partners. This means you can be confident that the service you receive from Imaging Solutions is of the same high standard that you would receive from the manufacturer themselves.

5. Comprehensive Warranty and Support

All Imaging Solutions' warranties provide complete support and repair. Furthermore, a single up-front payment will not only provide you with a discount (depending on your chosen term) but will also be the only payment you will make for the entire term - one charge with no more to pay!

6. Accessibility

Get access to Imaging Solutions support around the clock! Ultimate Level Warranties provide support from a technician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All levels provide 24/7 telephone and web support with technician assistance (depending on the time of day and your chosen level).

7. Complimentary With-Purchase Support and Warranty

All Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) products sold by Imaging Solutions come with a complimentary support and warranty (Basic or Enhanced Levels) ranging from 1 to 5 years. Refer to page 16 of this brochure for product specific details.

8. Support and Warranty Options

When you purchase an Imaging Solutions warranty enjoy the freedom of choosing the most suitable level and term. Depending on the product and your location, you can choose from various level and term extension options (often with discounts for up-front payments).

9. Added Value

In addition to core benefits, Imaging Solutions offers a number of value-added benefits such as up-front payment and refresh discounts. The end of your product's life does not necessarily mean the end of the solution!